I win!

"Dear Me,

Thank you for mailing BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.

We received your reservation e-mail of the following product ;

Product code:100-382
Product name:First memorial date set
Cost: 10000yen

We will ship the lucky packs from 1st September one by one."

SCOOORE. I take back everything bad I said about you, BABY. I love you I love you.

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Last day of illustration...

...and band camp tomorrow!!! :DD

I was excited because I found the address of a bakery that makes good, creative macarons in NYC, like those of Columbus's Pistacia Vera. So after class was over today, I hopped on the PATH and tried to find it (Madeleine's, in Chelsea). After a few misadventures, I found it, worked up the courage to pay $2.50 for a macaron (what?) and bought two-- sea-salt-caramel/chocolate for Owen, and rose for me.

I was worried that Owen wouldn't like it, and that I'd wasted an hour, but he liked the cookie so much that he's taking me into NYC this weekend to buy more of them... so yay. :D I'll wear my blue gingham BABY skirt-- macarons earn lolita, no?
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It's thunderstorming here! I love rainstorms... I'm lucky it waited until later, though, because we had our first color guard practice tonight in the park. Just basics--dropspins and marching--but we have great, fast-learning rookies, and I'm excited for the marching band season to begin! Nothing like running around on a cold wet football field in a slutty dress and too much eye makeup, flinging metal poles around. (I LOVE IT.)

Illustration is cool, still. The people in my class are ridiculously talented, but I thankfully haven't been comparing myself to them as much as trying to improve. And I AM improving. Does that make me sound too much like a Pollyanna?

And in Lolita news... DAMN YOU BABY FOR MAKING THE NEW POCKETS EMBROIDERY JSK SO HUGE. (Or maybe thank you for allowing me to save my money!)

Well, really it's not huge at all, just too big for me. D8 I wanted it because I thought it would be nice and tight in the waist, and they sized it up (for which reason I know not) and now I just think it'd look stupid on me if it weren't tight enough. Bah. I couldn't decide what color to pick, anyway... wouldn't it have been nice in all-over dark red? So beautiful...

I need to stop cruising Y!J.

It only causes me pain. 8D Hopefully the babysitting gig this week will work out... I'd get a real job, but it doesn't mesh so well with color guard. Alack.

Today at illustration class was interesting-- I get on the train in the morning at 7:15 and get off at home at 5:05 PM, so that's nearly ten hours of transit and class... I must remember to bring a book! I WAS somewhat intimidated by my classmates, and shamefully aware of how much I suck at charcoal. I don't lie to myself-- there's nothing special about my visually artistic abilities, apart from fashion (MAYBE), but charcoal is especially dreadful.

Still, I've noticed that visual artists are, as a whole, more open about their personal lives than writers. Perhaps because writers are rightfully wary of other writer's lifting their anecdotes and putting them in works of fiction. I really don't fit in as far as that goes. My classmates are friendly enough, but I can't help but feel a little weird there. I'm just dabbling in illustration, and that's plain to see. Nothing to be ashamed of--I have my own area of artistic focus, after all--but slightly troublesome, anyways.

One of my best friends from middle school and ninth grade will be in town tomorrow! I'm excited!
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In need of aloe!

So all that smug sunburn rambling in the last post? I just realized that I missed this enormous spot on my back when I was putting on sunscreen, and I don't know how I didn't notice it before, because it it BURNS. So forget all that dumb Italian heritage stuff I rattled off. It didn't save me.

It's not a second-degree burn, and it won't show as long as I'm wearing a shirt (which I TEND TO DO), so I guess it's not too bad. But owowowow.
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